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Leslie Morgan


Water Chronicles comes from collective images of our relationship to water. In
water we become weightless, buoyant and free. I seek this feeling, this vantage
point, this relief. I was born and raised in the middle of a Texas desert – dry,
hot, brown and aridly ugly. We looked to water for our entertainment, relaxation,
leisure, thrill-seeking and significant gatherings. Starting with family and vintage
black & white photographs altered to be more perfectly composed; these prints
are painted over, with some parts remaining untouched. The underlying image
serves as the memory, the surface paint hints at the emotion. For each of the 25
pieces in the series I crafted a specific assemblage of reclaimed wood and metal.
The rough, knotted wood and rust-covered metal evoke the past while creating
a smaller “splash-print” on our planet. Water Chronicles creates a nostalgic
version of our past relationship to water that we carry with us into the present.
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