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Barbara Kyne


Artist Profile

Barbara Kyne is a nationally exhibited artist. Among the shows she has been in are: The Oakland Museum of Art's, What is Art For?, The Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, CA, The Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA and The Kala Institute in Berkeley, CA. Barbara's selected bibliography includes The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Oakland Tribune and Artweek, for which she also contributed as a writer and photographer.

Barbara has taught photography extensively including at City College of San Francisco, Merritt College, Laney College and College of Alameda. She has also lectured at the Society for Photographic Education.

Barbara received her BA in photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA, and her MA in Studio Arts from John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, CA

Barbara was born in Hoboken, New Jersey and currently lives with her partner Fran Lowe in Oakland, CA.

Artist Statement - "At the Museum"

In the At the Museum series, I assume the role of observer, witnessing transformative experiences as an outsider looking in. In one image, a divine moment is revealed in the magic of a woman standing contemplatively next to a sculpture, wreathed in wonder, slouching as if to mimic the weight of the steel form. I sense what she’s feeling and want to show how it feels to be connected to something aesthetically and emotionally.

My photography explores interpersonal dynamics—those between individuals and artworks, and myself in relation to both. Blurred images of bodies and artworks are stripped of narrative and yet rich in color, shape, light and energy. By blurring the images, the dynamic is revealed, rather than the content. The work is sensory. It is both physical and metaphysical.

My work is also just as much about photography as a medium (raising questions about truth and fiction, looking and being seen) as it is about the mystical occurrences I collect. I’m saying something about the unreality of the real image. I’m using subject to transcend subject and in a sense dematerializing subject matter.

The images in At the Museum bring to mind Gerhard Richter’s photorealistic paintings. I am appropriating these and other photorealistic paintings much as photography has been appropriated. In fact, in this series I have appropriated Sherri Levine. Formally, the work owes a debt to Hopper and Vermeer, and to Friedrich, particularly The Monk by the Sea. I also give a nod to Uta Barth and Bill Jacobson.

Finally I take these experiences outside of the museum environment and share it also with non-museum goers. I want to bring people on my journey, share with them the clues I find. Perhaps together we can try to make sense of these magic moments that no one ever quite understands. Perhaps if we are inspired, we can treasure life’s inconspicuous synergies and relish the feeling of being connected. 

The images are made in camera with the Canon 5D MkII in raw mode. I use the focus ring to blur the images.  The final 23.5” x 35” images are printed on Hannemuhle Photo Rag 308 gsm paper with archival pigment inks in an edition of fifteen prints each. 

Barbara Kyne

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